Our Story

Unidukan is a members’ only portal offering products at a discounted rate. We provide a selection of brands - across different grocery categories - at competitive prices.

In addition to great savings, we stock several exclusive brands and offer access to many new releases ahead of our market.

The difference between us and other online shops? We are exclusive to members, and we offer our promotions 365 days a year. This allows you, our customer, to shop when it suits you without waiting to get the best deal.

How it all began

Unidukan is a derivative of Unishop global online store that was born on November 8th, 2020.

Unishop is a Unilever global Direct-to-Workplace portal allowing Unilever employees to benefit from ongoing discounts on its products all year long.

The orders were being delivered to the offices across many countries.

Following the success of this portal, the management decided to extend that benefit to our suppliers, distributors, and partners employees.

However, during COVID-19 and given the tough circumstances, all lockdowns and office closures, the concept was altered to deliver all the orders to each employee’s home with the same discount benefit.

This was very much appreciated by all companies and created a great deal of interest from many more companies that have reached out to have this membership extended to their own employees.

A select number of companies across the region have been identified to be added to this exclusive access to Unidukan.