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Glow & Lovely Vitamin Boost Sheet Mask

Glow & Lovely Vitamin Boost Sheet Mask

Hydrating Glow 20g
It's time to hydrate! Pamper yourself with our new Glow & Lovely sheet masks
Gives you soft, plump and moisturized skin in 15 mins
Made of 100% natural fibre and enriched with a potent combination of brightening multi-vitamins
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Glow & Lovely, formerly known as Fair & Lovely, brings to you it's first ever range of Vitamin Boost Sheet Masks. If your skin is dull and yearning for some hydration, glow or rejuvenation, Glow & Lovely sheet masks are made of 100% natural fibre and infused with the goodness of multi-vitamins. Our Vitamin E Hydrating Glow Sheet Mask with 100X* more serum boosts hydration leaving skin soft & plump. With a potent combination of Vitamins B3, B6, C and E, the Vitamin E Hydrating Glow Sheet Mask will instantly hydrate and moisturize dull, tired skin. Our range of sheet masks will cater to all your skin needs be it hydration, glow or energizing. As you place the mask on your cleansed skin, your face feels refreshed and gets a gorgeous glow. In just 15 minutes, you feel rejuvenated. What's more, the light, breathable fabric made of 100% natural fibre fits your face perfectly and smells oh! so refreshing. It's the ultimate way to pamper and moisturize your skin and make it look fresh and hydrated. Try our collection for all your skin needs - Hydrating Glow, Brightening Glow & Energizing Glow! For best results, cleanse face before use. You may also refrigerate the mask before usage for an enhanced experience!