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Lux Botanicals Hand Wash

Lux Botanicals Hand Wash

Camellia & Aloe Vera 500ml
100% Natural Extracts
Crafted with fine fragrances
Provide a natural soothing effect to your skin with every lather
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Introducing New Lux Botanicals Skin Detox Hand Wash. An invigorating elixir of Camellia and fresh Aloe Vera that gives you beautifully soft and delicately fragrant skin.

Lux combines the finest fragrances with naturals formulation to pamper your skin with benefits to keep your hands protected, nourished, and beautifully scented with every wash.

Experience the power of nature with the new lux botanicals range with 100% natural extracts. Enriched with a unique combination of exotic flowers and precious heritage natural beauty ingredients leaving your skin beautifully soft and delicately fragrant.

Get nourished and pure skin by immersing yourself in the enchanting scent of camellia and fresh aloe vera. The perfect Mediterranean escape that your skin needs. The new lux botanicals antibacterial range will give you rejuvenated skin that is enriched with precious botanical beauty and moisturizing ingredients. Feel the exotic accords to nurture your skin every day. It’s made with paraben-free, silicone-free formula with 100% natural extracts. With its hygiene properties, it gives you germ protection and hand sanitization, suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

LUX ® for almost a century has been bringing the best of beauty and the pleasure that comes with it to women around the world. We inspire women to embrace their femininity and express their beauty beyond appearances.

From the start, LUX® has been among the first to use Hollywood stars in our advertising. Since 1925, we have been embraced by iconic stars, and by all women who take strides forward while embracing their femininity. We’ve been working with the world’s best perfumers to create fine fragrance skin treats for you to enjoy. Transform your daily shower into an indulgent one that will make you feel special every day.