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Signal Toothbrush

Signal Toothbrush

Anti-Cavity Protection Medium 4pc
Designed with 4 cleaning benefits to help against cavities, stains, plaque & bad breath
Multi-angled bristles to clean between teeth
Polishing bristles to help in preventing stains
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Signal Anti-Plaque Action Toothbrush designed with 4 cleaning benefits that help protect against cavities, stains, plaque and bad breath. It keeps your teeth healthy and beautiful, while removes plaque effectively and helps prevent tooth decay.

The angled neck is designed to reach difficult areas in the mouth in order to remove food particles. The multiangled bristles penetrate between teeth removing more plaque. The Polishing bristles have teeth whitening features that help polish the teeth and help preventing stains. Each brush also has a comfort grip and a built-in tongue cleaner on the back of the head.

Signal has been on a mission to spread good brushing habits for over 25 years. Our range of toothpaste and toothbrushes can help clean teeth. For better results, match it with Signal Tooth Cavity Figher Toothpaste and take your teeth cleaning routine to the next level.

At Signal we believe in the power of smiles. Smiles can transform us and the world around us for the better. We believe nothing should get in the way of smiling – especially not poor oral health. That’s why, all over the world, we work hard to spread outstanding oral health through our products and educational programs. Every smile matters. Our mission is to help improve people’s oral health and habits through our products, expert advice and innovations.